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Students for SHINE 

Students for SHINE encourages high school and college students to volunteer in their community. The student projects include debris removal, litter sweeps, public park improvements and volunteering at numerous non-profit agencies. Through this process students learn importance of community service. Students who volunteer a minimum of 100 hours are presented a certificate and special red, white and blue cord to wear with their gowns at graduation. Studies show that students who participate in community service programs are more likely to succeed in high school, college and in their professional career.

The program allow for students to:

  • Meet new people

  • Learn leadership skills

  • Build a college and work resume

  • Gain experience for getting a job

  • Improve economic development

  • Create an overall safer, cleaner and nicer place to live 

To join Students for SHINE, contact Stefani Heller at or 405.627.5035

Year to date SHINE IMPACT: 1,501 graduates & 263,109 volunteer hours

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