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SHINE Community Service

The SHINE Program was created by Oklahoma County in 2011. SHINE stands for Start Helping Impacted Neighborhoods Everywhere. The program was created as an alternative to jail time, for non-violent offenders through community service efforts. SHINE works hand in hand with neighborhood associations, local community groups and the business community to insure a safer and cleaner Oklahoma County! County Commissioner Brian Maughan provided the leadership to launch the SHINE initiative.


SHINE organizes and deploys low risk, non-violent offenders to perform community service work throughout Oklahoma County. The program has successfully impacted the criminal justice system by freeing the courts of non-violent offenders, dramatically reducing the jail population which in return saves tax-payers money! Oklahoma County also benefits from the community service performed by the offenders including eliminating hundreds of blighted eyesores in our neighborhoods including debris removal and graffiti removal.

Year to date SHINE IMPACT: over $550,000 community service hours

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